Creating a new experience in exploring a city.

Welcome to silent.seeing - the wireless headphone city tour 
Born from 2 individual concepts in separate cites, our tour is a modern fun way of seeing a new place. The silent disco and walking tour concepts merge perfectly into a new way of exploring while enjoying music!  
Discover the city with our guides who are nontraditional, sharp and to the point! The music and sound effects bring their stories to life!
Why is this not another traditional umbrella tour?

-No one really learns or retains information the boring way

-We have the ability to welcome large groups (up to 100+). 
-You have more freedom and mobility during the tour. There is no need for gathering at stops in order to listen to the guide. Your guide is easy to hear, at all times.

-Polished up by a creative live Dj who plays the right tunes in between each location. Of course, we create the right atmosphere for each stop though sound effects. Music requests are highly encouraged. We like your music too!
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